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4 Tips for Training Teams on the Use of Sound Curtains

Sound curtains for modern commercial property help protect the hearing of team members and keep teams working towards their tasks. But before adding sound curtains to their toolkits, it’s important that business leaders have a clear understanding on how to train teams for the effective use of the sound curtain. We’ll offer four tips in this latest post.

1. Begin the process early

Make sure that you get the team involved in the process during the buying stages, so that they can have input on their workplace challenges and ensure the ideal fit for the environment.

2. Guide teams of sound curtain storage

Sound curtains must be stored safely when not in use. Any damage can impact the ability to absorb sound and so it’s critical to guide teams on safe and effective storage techniques.

3. Highlight safety standards

The modern safety standards for the use of sound curtains should be explained to the team. Make sure they understand the best ways to move the curtain and how to interact work with the curtain while it’s in use.

4. Explain the benefits clearly

Getting employee buy-in will be critical in ensuring full value for money for sound curtains. This means you should explain the benefits of the product to the team clearly. They’ll then be able to see the value the product has in keeping them safe within their working processes.

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